The Rich Soil Project 

A building can not stand without a rich foundation. The Rich Soil Project supplies the essential nutrients for adequate growth and sustainability. Each project is produced from the ground up and blossoms into stunning visual content. With our innovative techniques and passion for creative direction, we create the blueprint to your artistic vision.


The Rich Soil Project is a Los Angeles-based media company that provides custom-tailored services to each individual client. All whom benefit from our collaborative efforts, impeccable service, and the hands-on approach that we bring to every client. No matter the genre, we are committed to being creative visionaries.  

As a POWER HOUSE company we focus on providing all aspect of creative art, from photography, film, music videos, and entertainment.

This Rich Soil Project provides a highly motivated staff who are very attentive and hands on with each of our clients. We deliver high quality content that is not only creative but innovate beyond your imagination. As a company, we manage and represent a world class roster of highly skilled creatives ready to work!


Unlike many other entertainment companies, The Rich Soil Project prides itself on their quality of service. We take conceptualizing and creative direction into our own hands. As a team, we look forward to working with you and bringing your brand to life!